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Good idea but your singing is atrocious.

The idea was unoriginal but funny and would have been great had you sung the song and not whispered it. It was hard do watch the whole thing but I make a point to if I'm going to review it. I'm not an excellent singer myself but I know I and most people could do better than that. I would normally review the actual animation for a flash animation but we know it's bad and the whole thing revolved around the song. Get a good singer who actually sings and does not whisper then get out of breath.

I'm gonna go listen to some good music to compensate.

I'm a little concerned

I love the blockhead series but this episode is a disturbing development. It's changed from wacky and amusing to dark and kind of amusing. I always thought blockhead was just an idiot who liked to have a good time but since episode 9 or so he is showing signs of dementia, schizophrenia, and something I can't place my finger on. I'm not trying to overevaluate this cartoon but as someone who's going in to medicine this is troubling.

Please make blockhead how he used to be. Not only are you hurting the character but the humor isn't quite there anymore either.

Heh looks like Udorken-of Twilight likes fat chick

Seriously shut up. Just because you boink fatties does not make them sexy. Fat people are gross. Meh Nice colabb I laughed. All woman SHOULD be skinny.

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Great for releiving stress!

Please add more though. More importantly add good sound maybe?

The biggest think I would like is more realistic flesh for the razor. Skin then muscle then bone not skin then bone.

please make another!

its hard

but fun. kept be entertained for 30 min.

I hate to say it but it was fun...

I ussually hate quiz games but it was about half-life so obviously I had to play it. You should add more questions or make a half-life 2: episodes quiz that you can update when episode 3 comes out. Maybe you could make a half-life 1 quiz. That has potential to be REALLY hard if you think about it.

Also I didn't like the whole chapter PW thing. Its good if you restarted the game and you put it in but don't make it required to move on. Also smexyalyx? ...Hmm someone has a hole in their pocket :P

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Well you have an angelic voice so the wtf is cancelled out.

Such a beautiful voice.

The song itself is pretty good but the singer is just amazing. I can't stop listening to her amazing voice.

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