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Good idea but your singing is atrocious.

The idea was unoriginal but funny and would have been great had you sung the song and not whispered it. It was hard do watch the whole thing but I make a point to if I'm going to review it. I'm not an excellent singer myself but I know I and most people could do better than that. I would normally review the actual animation for a flash animation but we know it's bad and the whole thing revolved around the song. Get a good singer who actually sings and does not whisper then get out of breath.

I'm gonna go listen to some good music to compensate.

I'm a little concerned

I love the blockhead series but this episode is a disturbing development. It's changed from wacky and amusing to dark and kind of amusing. I always thought blockhead was just an idiot who liked to have a good time but since episode 9 or so he is showing signs of dementia, schizophrenia, and something I can't place my finger on. I'm not trying to overevaluate this cartoon but as someone who's going in to medicine this is troubling.

Please make blockhead how he used to be. Not only are you hurting the character but the humor isn't quite there anymore either.

Heh looks like Udorken-of Twilight likes fat chick

Seriously shut up. Just because you boink fatties does not make them sexy. Fat people are gross. Meh Nice colabb I laughed. All woman SHOULD be skinny.

Very funny

The animation was iffy but I know that was the look you were after so its cool. Like the awesome series.

Oh my god that was funny.

Every joke was hilarious and not just what they said but how they said it. The part when steave was screaming was gold. Oh my god I am rolling.

It was..average.

I hate how people throw 10s at a flash just because it got front page. I mean the graphics were bad, animation jerky and go boring right after the intro. The story was...well what do you want me to say about that? The sound needs working on. Like you said in your comments the lack of music was a huge mistake. If you flash isnt done...then push back the deadline. If you can't then screw whoever is making you. Id rather have good flashes done slower than bad ones done faster. 5/10 2/5

did duracell pay you to make this?

Did they? You could have gotten like 50 bucks from them.

I'm sorry but it wasn't entertaining.

I used to go claymation so I am not just talking out of my ass. Just using an armature (metal frame of a person) may look cool and it is very very very easy to animate especially when you put clay feet on him. Now this is fine but the animation was so jerky that it makes me feel like you just didint take your time. If you going to sacrifice looks for ease of animation then don't screw up the animation part. Also the lighing made it hard to see the armature figure. The bit dispite what others said should not have been hard to do. You just have a camra playing live to a TV and animate them at the same time.

As for the story it was cute but not worth spending time to watch it. I'm sorry but I hate when people jump on the OMG THAT WAS AWESOME bandwagon. Just because it is front page doesn't mean it's good.

If you use real models and spend a little more time making extra frames you could be really good. I do give you alot of credit for the camera angles. They were good.

I hope you make a great one soon.


Dustball responds:

Thanks for the critique. Maybe you'll like this: http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/

I love how everytime ties in.

The continuity is great. Lol skittles is awesome.

And Hey guys! I just heard! Im gonna be a dad! thing...man now we know what he looked like...kinda.


Funny. Who was the artist? Inside joke I don't know?

PinClock responds:

Mr. Artist, a Clock Crew villain.

Just some guy on Newgrounds.

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